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The estate

In the past Lamartine used to be written in two words, La Martine. Indeed the house of the estate was built near a one century year old oak tree. Acording to the legend it used to be the place where a beautiful girl, called Martine had her Rendez-vous...

 Apart from some rosé bottles, the production is concentrated on the Cahors range of wines whose cuvée Expression is one of the “Cahors Excellence” charter’s jewel. 

35 ha - 200 000 bottles
97% Red (Malbec, Merlot, Tannat)
3% Rosé (Malbec, Merlot)



The vineyard

 Located in the west part of the appellation Château Lamartine benefits from a very original place in Cahors vineyard. This exceptional location contributes to an early maturation of the grapes and consequently insures the regularity of the vintages. Its 35 ha with their southerly exposure make it a prestigious cru on a privileged terroir. As defenders of the agro-environmental ethic respect we give an high importance to the regularity of the soil work. Then it results a lively balance from the one the stocks can draw vital minerals that are essential for the concentration and the complexity of the grands vins. In addition green harvests allow the regularity of a moderate yield.


The terroir











The climate

 Large influence of the Oceanic weather




  The cellar

 A modern, functional and thermo-regulated tool adapted traditional methods of wine-making: harvest selection, manual punch of the cap. But also maturation air-conditioned wineries where about a hundred French oak barrels are stored to raise the wines among the best of the appellation.